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Scottish Leadership Conference
Sunday December 6th

AM Session :  9:30AM - 1:00PM
Keynote remarks from
Scotland 2021
The Lord Lyon, King of Arms
Rt Hon Viscount Thurso
Jennifer Coutts Clay - Jetliner Travel - 11:10AM - 11:25AM
followed by panel discussion

For Scotland, air travel is an essential component of inbound tourism. As airlines and airports face the challenges of coping with the Covid-19 pandemic, Jennifer’s Presentation, entitled 2021 Flying Healthy, examines new product developments and passenger-service procedures that are providing solutions to the current problems.

‘THANK YOU … wonderful – perfect.’
Camilla Hellman MBE, President, the American Scottish Foundation

‘Absolutely brilliant …Thank you so much for your presentation, it really is fantastic.’
Jamie McGeechan, The Scottish Media Company

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Jennifer Coutts Clay, Moderating, PEC Virtual Series: 'Responding to Disruption: Quick Fix or Profound Change?’

'Thanks for moderating the webinar yesterday. You did a wonderful job with the introduction and managing the flow and questions.'
Johannes Lampela, Director of Design, Los Angeles, Designworks (A BMW Group Company)

'Your presentation and discussion raised lots of interesting ideas  for the industry to explore as it embarks on a reinvention of the flying experience for a post-Covid world.'
Gillian Jenner, Editorial Director, Seminars and Conferences Passenger Experience Conference | Aircraft Interiors Expo

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On 01 July 2020, Jennifer Coutts Clay, Author, JETLINER CABINS e-book app moderated the Passenger Experience Conference (PEC) webinar 'Responding to Disruption: Quick Fix or Profound Change?’

During this webinar, Johannes Lampela, Director of Design, Los Angeles, Designworks (A BMW Group Company), explored how disruptions in the automotive space might help aviation to adapt to new market conditions. During the session, Coutts Clay and Lampela discussed a 'post-COVID design brief for a better cabin experience and a focus on what matters to the customer.'

This session addressed key questions on the challenge ahead for aviation: How can airlines best reassure customers of healthy flying conditions? How can they create comfort in feeling safe, cared for, and in control? Lampela proposed an 'experience first — inside out approach' to cabin design, with experiences which rebuild trust, moment by moment.
Participants in this webinar also had an opportunity to download the new Case Study 2020 CABIN HEALTH ALERTS, which has been added to Jetliner Cabins Chapter 9 'Look Smart: Keep Clean' and examines the latest trends in managing the pandemic while taking care of passenger well-being and preserving the airline brand. Featuring insights from medical and industry experts, Jetliner Cabins author Jetliner Coutts Clay explores key considerations for healthy flight: Cabin Air Filters, Air Travel Hygiene, Rethinking the Aircraft Seat, Sanitizing the Cabin, Communicating Covid-19 Cabin Concepts, Airport Hygiene, Passenger Care in the Cabin and Future Flying Healthy. As Jetliner Cabins readers have come to expect from this unique E-Book app, the informative content is supplemented by rich images of flying healthy solutions, and a listing of companies and experts.

Aircraft Cabin Innovation Summit

Aircraft Interiors International, a magazine published by MA Business Ltd. sent an e-blast announcing Jennifer Coutts Clay's sponsorship of the upcoming RedCabin Aircraft Cabin Innovations Summit to be held from December 1-3 in Fort Worth, TX, USA.

27 April 2020

Andreas Wibowo, Business Development Manager for RedCabin, has the pleasure of announcing Jetliner Cabins – the leading authority on the evolution of cabin design – as the latest sponsor of our upcoming Aircraft Cabin Innovation Summit (1-3 December) in Fort Worth, TX USA.

15 April 2020

Passenger Experience Conference

Experience First – Inside Out
Monday, April 12, 2021
11:30 - 12:00

Moderator Jennifer Coutts Clay,
author Jetliner Cabins

Johannes Lampela, Director of Design, Los Angeles, BMW Group Designworks

Insights into innovating aviation for the 21st century
Monday, April 12, 2021
12:00 - 13:00

Moderator Jennifer Coutts Clay,
author Jetliner Cabins

12.00 – 12.30    Creating a Supersonic Experience
Ryan Scott, Senior Vice President of Global Sales, Boom Supersonic.
Ben Orson, Managing Director London, JPA Design

12.30 – 13.00    Disrupting from within
Florent Petteni, Aircraft Interiors Marketing, Airbus
24 April 2020

Passenger Experience Week Podcast

PAX Week Views returns to discuss accessibility with Jennifer Coutts Clay, consultant and author of Jetliner Cabins and Christopher Wood, founder of Flying Disabled. Addressing the expanding ageing population and the increasing needs for accessibility onboard, Jennifer and Chris reflect on the progress made to date and what the industry needs to do to facilitate a flying experience for all.

35 mins.

02 January 2020

Flying for All - Creating an Accessible Cabin

CabinSpace Live Seminar Theatre

Flying for All - Creating an Accessible Cabin

Moderator: Jennifer Coutts Clay, Author, Jetliner Cabins

Jennifer’s Presentation on ACCESSIBILITY: SPECIAL NEEDS
Aircraft Interiors EXPO Los Angeles, CA, USA

'Your introductory presentation was an excellent introduction to the critical issues and set the scene for a really good discussion. … We will add the extended deck [i.e. the presentation Slides and Commentary] to our website []'

Gillian Jenner
Editorial Director, Seminars and Conferences

Aircraft Interiors EXPO Los Angeles 2019

Flying for All — creating an accessible cabin
Hear more at AIX LA 2019
Tuesday, September 10, 2019
14:00 - 15:00

Moderator Jennifer Coutts Clay,
author Jetliner Cabins

Industry experts:
•   Gina Emrich, Senior Manager of Customer Accessibility, American Airlines
•   Michele Erwin, President, All Wheels Up
•   Tom Lipscomb, Head of Project Management, PriestmanGoode
•   Hank Scott, Chief Executive Officer, Molon Labe

Airplane Geeks podcast

In February 2019, Jennifer was interviewed by Max Flight for his Airplane Geeks podcast. In their conversation, Jennifer explains airline considerations for seller-furnished or buyer-furnished equipment. They explore “trickle down product upgrades” from first class to business to coach, and what that means for the future of first class. Jennifer also explains how corporate travel departments have indirectly affected cabin design and fare structures, and the importance of minor miscellaneous items (MMI) to the passenger experience. They also discuss slimline seats, green cabin design, and future trends. Jennifer also gave her perspective on the impacts of the Boeing 747 and the Concorde, both iconic aircraft.

Program Notes THIS PODCAST RUNS FOR APPROX. 90 MINUTES.    During the first 30 minutes Jennifer participates in a group conversation led by the Presenter, Max Flight.    Jennifer’s interview follows: It runs for about 45 minutes.   In the final 15 minutes of the podcast the Presenter summarizes the content of the program.

Radio Business for Breakfast

Radio Business for Breakfast

7’ 38”. Ken Morgan interviews Jennifer Coutts Clay.  

Main topics include:  Pan Am; Concorde and Supersonic Travel; Economy Class Food and Beverage.

August 2018

KMA Land

You can listen online now to hear Jennifer Coutts Clay's discussion of Jetliner Cabins #PaxEx with "Dean and Friends" of @KMABroadcasting

7’ 43”. Main topics include: Cabin Refurbishments; Passengers with Special Needs; Aisle-size Wheelchairs.

August 2018

WOCA The Source

Jennifer Coutts Clay discusses Jetliner Cabins and #PaxEx with WOCA, The Source, 1370am

11’ 21”. Main topics include: First Class Cabins; Lie-flat Sleeper-seats; Cabin Crew Training.

August 2018

James Lowe KJAG “Jiggy Jaguar Show.”

James Lowe Online Radio KJAG “Jiggy Jaguar Show.”

10’ 20”. Main topics include: Aircraft Interior Trends; Ultra-Long-haul Flights; Heightened Security Standards.

August 2018

Ode to Concorde Premiere at ADAFF

Jennifer Coutts Clay at Premiere of Ode to Concorde at ADAFF, Image courtesy of Tomás Romero

Jennifer Coutts Clay answers questions about her experiences working on Concorde cabin design at British Airways and shares her own fond memories of supersonic flight at the premiere screening of 'Ode to Concorde' during the Architecture Design Film Festival (ADAFF) - Modernism Week in Palm Springs, CA.

February 2018

Jennifer Coutts Clay is a frequent speaker at aviation industry conferences. She also stays current on aircraft-interior trends by attending international air shows and conferences.


Jennifer (wearing blue jacket) met with Professor Werner Granzeier (wearing black jacket and red tie) and a group of aeronautical engineering students, to discuss aircraft cabin products and related technologies.

Jennifer's MEET THE AUTHOR session, 14.00 - 16.00, at the Airbus BizLab at the Aircraft Interior EXPO, Hamburg, Germany, April 2017

'The meeting with you at this year’s Aircraft Interiors Expo was a great pleasure and a big highlight for all of us! Thank you again for our fruitful and inspiring discussion, for sharing your impressive experiences within the aviation industry, for answering our questions and for motivating us to innovate and go one step further.'
Sonja Schweicker
PR-Management Messe-AG

Jennifer presented the Innovator of the Year Award at the TRAVELPLUS media ceremony, at the Aircraft Interiors EXPO in Hamburg, Germany.
04 April 2017

As Jennifer explains: 'The TravelPlus Awards show-case the dazzling range of Amenity Kits now available to airline passengers worldwide. For decades, first- and business-class Amenity Kits have been cherished as special souvenirs of memorable long-haul flights. Amenity Kit programs present major opportunities for airlines and manufacturers to display creativity and ingenuity when developing customized personal-care accessories. Promoting customer well-being throughout the duration of ever-longer flights is a highly competitive marketing challenge, and Amenity Kits have evolved from simply providing basic passenger-comfort items. Today’s luxurious giveaway bags, wallets, boxes, tins and pouches incorporate famous-name cosmetics and aspirational lifestyle-branding elements. Airlines that win TravelPlus Awards enjoy international accolades and ‘Star-Status’ ratings for offering their customers the very best-in-class design and quality of Amenity Kits.'

Jennifer presented the 2016 award for CABIN CONCEPTS at the tenth anniversary gala celebration of The Crystal Cabin Awards, 05 April 2016, Hamburg, Germany. The award was won by Etihad Airways.

'Thank you so much  …  and you did a smashing job!'
‘Your speech has been amazing.’

Carmen Krause
Project Manager, Crystal Cabin Award

Jennifer moderated part of the Passenger Experience Conference, 04 April 2016, Hamburg, Germany.

'...I would like to say a huge thank you for the efforts and hard work you put into moderating your session at the conference in Hamburg last week. ...We have been delighted by the response to this year's event and have already had some great feedback from attendees, so thank you for helping make this a truly successful conference.  ...Look forward to working together again in the future.'
Sian O'Neill, Conference Manager

Jennifer moderated Cabin Interiors and Hospitality sessions at the Passenger Experience Conference, 13 April 2015, Hamburg, Germany.

'Thank you for … the superb job in moderating our session.'
Stathis Kefallonitis, Ph.D.
Founder & President -

‘A huge thank you … for participating in the Passenger Experience Conference in Hamburg. I really appreciated your setting aside some time during the show to provide feedback on your experience.  I will be sharing your suggestions with my colleagues …as we go through the debrief process and work out how we can deliver an even better event next year. I look forward to working with you again in the future.'
Gillian Jenner
Editorial Director - Seminars, Aircraft Interiors Expo

Jennifer moderated part of the Passenger Experience Conference at the Aircraft Interiors EXPO Americas, 14-16 October 2014, Seattle, Washington, USA.

'We really appreciate the hard work and effort you put into moderating and joining the debriefing discussion. We have been delighted by the response to this year’s event…thank you for helping make this a really successful conference.'
Gillian Jenner
Editorial Director – Seminars, Aircraft Interiors Expo

Jennifer, who serves on the MRO Americas Advisory Board, moderated the 'New Technologies in Cabin Interiors' panel at Aviation Week's MRO Americas 2013 conference, 16-18 April, Atlanta, Georgia, USA.

'Thank you for all the time and effort you put into the New Technologies in Cabin Interiors session. It was a fascinating session. You do a great job moderating! You're always on target with your ideas and suggestions.'
Patricia Weil Coates
Editorial Director, MRO Americas 2013

Jennifer moderated a cabin interiors session and participated in the Accessibility panel discussion at the Aircraft Interiors Passenger Experience Conference, 08 April 2013, Hamburg, Germany.

'Thank you for sharing your expertise with our audience both as a panelist and as a moderator. I am pleased to report we have received some great feedback from attendees and really appreciate the contribution you made to this success.'
Gillian Jenner
Seminar Director, Aircraft Interiors, Hamburg, 8 April 2013

Jennifer moderated a cabin-interiors session and served on the judging panel for the 2012 TravelPlus Airline Amenity Bag Awards, April 2013,  Hamburg, Germany.
Click here to view the TravelPlus Airline Amenity Bag Award 2012 winners
Visit Jennifer’s Airline Amenity Kits Picture Gallery

Jennifer moderated the 'Interiors' panel at Aviation Week's MRO Americas 2012 conference, 03-05 April, Dallas, Texas, USA.

Jennifer’s presentation on ‘The Future of Aviation’ at the APEX onboard Experience, 26 March 2012, Hamburg, Germany.

Jennifer spoke about 'green' cabins at Air Transport World's Eco-Aviation Conference 23-25 June 2010, Washington, DC The speech material for this presentation was derived from Jennifer's White Paper entitled ''Green' Horizons: The 'Greening' of Jetliner Cabins" published on Air Transport World's website February 2010.
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Jennifer moderated a panel on 'Green Aviation and the Role of Aircraft Interiors' at Aviation Week's MRO Americas Conference, 21-23 April 2009, Grapevine/Dallas, Texas.

Jennifer served as the MC for the Aviation Week/MRO Americas Interiors Conference in February 2008 and in April 2008 for the Aviation Week Interiors Conference, Ft. Lauderdale, Florida, USA.

'We'd also like to thank Jennifer Coutts Clay for her terrific support of the event and for her willingness to undertake being the MC for the conference.'
Tom Henricks, President, Aviation Week

'We are indebted to you for your time and effort being the first Master of Ceremonies for our inaugural Aviation Week conference. Your knowledge combined with your insight into the industry combined to make for a very successful first event.'
Patricia Coates, Editorial Director, Aviation Week Interiors, 2008


Jennifer with Vern Alg at the 2007 Paris Air Show

Pictured at the Paris Air Show in June 2007: Vern Alg, Former Senior Manager, Interiors Engineering, at Continental Airlines, and Specialist quoted in Chapter 8/Accessibility: Special Needs in Jetliner Cabins, visited Jennifer's book-signing session at the Air Transport World stand.


Jennifer signed copies of Jetliner Cabins at Borders in Long Beach, California, 10 September 2008, and participated in the Aircraft Interiors Expo Americas in Long Beach, California, 9-11 September.

Jennifer signed copies of Jetliner Cabins at the Farnborough International Airshow in England, 15 July 2008, hosted by Air Transport World.




ISBN 0-991-41011-4


Grateful acknowledgement is given to the airlines and other organizations credited in this book for permission to use their photographs.
There are other images, also credited, that come from publicly available sources, for example, company sales brochures and websites.
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