By Jennifer Coutts Clay, Principal, J. Clay Consulting

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The Hindu

In Jetliner Cabins, Jennifer includes beautiful illustrations of cabin interiors reminiscent of James Bond cocktail bars, with the promise that this sort of luxury might, one day very soon, be available to all travellers; yet, practical, as well, she also provides a commercial perspective of the aviation business in the past and present, and points to its future — rightly so by one who has been a key player in the Air Transport industry for 30 years.

Jetliner Cabins is a magnificent book featuring everything you'd ever want to know about the aesthetic, design, and service of airlines. I recommend the book highly. Chris Sloan

Passport Magazine

Frequent flyers obsessed with legroom and luggage space will be fascinated by Jennifer Coutts Clay's one-of-a-kind Jetliner Cabins. Jim Gladstone

Savvy Navigator

Jennifer Clay, an airline industry insider, with a vast amount of experience in airliner interior design, has recently updated her book ... it also has really cool cabin layout diagrams. Attention all you airline geeks: this one's for you. This is the perfect gift for that travel aficionado in your life. And it's the perfect stocking stuffer for that on-the-same-wavelength nephew who happens to be in love with the airline industry. J. Ward

International Aviation Womens Association

Jetliner Cabins is a unique resource covering the past (Concorde, Eastern Airlines, and Braniff International), the present (a comprehensive survey of U.S. and international airlines), and the future (Airbus A380, Boeing B787 Dreamliner, Bombardier CSeries, and the new category of Embraer Very Light Jets). In the past 25 years, airlines have spent fortunes on interior upgrade programs – to comply with escalating regulatory requirements, to address individual customer needs and to differentiate themselves from their competitors. Readers will find in the 16 chapters information about everything from safety, seat design, and fabric selection to meal service, accessibility and maintenance in first-, business- and economy-class cabins.

Air Transport World

The first and only comprehensive survey of commercial aircraft design from the '70s to the new Millennium – now updated with better photos, more color pages and new images of the Airbus 380.


The new updated edition of this unique book is beautifully illustrated and written with great knowledge and understanding of the airline industry as well as aircraft interior branding and design. An essential resource for aviation professionals and a great gift for a global traveler.

Airliner World

The softback version of this insider's guide to aircraft interiors, first published in hardback in 2003, is an interesting read. Heavily illustrated with both black and white and colour photographs, it studies the development of the aviation business from the perspective of the aircraft cabin. A ‘must read' for design buffs, this book, charting the past, present and future of commercial aircraft interior design, will also be popular with enthusiasts and regular travellers.

Aviation for Women

30-year career in air transportation management left author Jennifer Coutts Clay with some distinct opinions about what works and does not work inside an airliner. In Jetliner Cabins Clay treats us to a historical perspective of aircraft interior design, accompanied by more than 350 color visuals of airline interiors. The book was recently updated to include the next generation of aircraft, some of which have not yet even entered into production. You won't find a more comprehensive look at aircraft interiors anywhere else. Amy Laboda

British Airways News

Written by former British Airways staff member Jennifer Coutts Clay, this fascinating book has now been updated and includes a look at the interiors of the aircraft of tomorrow.
The cabins of the Airbus A380-800, Boeing 787 Dreamliner, Bombardier CSeries, the Embraer E-Jets and more are all detailed in the new edition to make it even more of a good read.

Aircraft Interiors International

Jennifer Coutts Clay, author of Jetliner Cabins, now available in paperback, reflects on a lifetime of involvement in the aircraft interiors sector.


In Hamburg, Luxury Is in the Air
To learn about the latest developments in commercial airplane interiors, please fasten your seatbelt and give this slide show your full attention.

Transport & VIP Interiors

... this is not your ordinary paperback book: Not only has it more pages and photographs, it's just as generous in dimensions, making for a handsome addition to your coffee table at the office.