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JETLINER CABINS: Evolution & Innovation

By Jennifer Coutts Clay, Principal, J. Clay Consulting

What Readers are saying ...

'The only comprehensive survey of the aircraft cabin environment from the 1970s to the present day.'
—Airliner World
'The first and only comprehensive survey of commercial aircraft design..brings together in a single volume the many different elements that combine to create a satisfying environment for scheduled air travel worldwide...'
—Air Transport World
'A source reference for aviation industry professionals and enthusiasts alike..The depth of information is remarkable and I would thoroughly recommend it to those wanting to learn, or simply reminisce, about the evolution of airline cabins and in-flight service.'
—Tom Allett, Airports International
'..describes the high art and technical bravura behind creating some of the smallest living spaces in the world..fully details the immense variety, as well as the creative breadth, behind them.'
'..tells you all you could ever want to know about the airline past and present.'
—Onboard Hospitality
'..information about everything from safety, seat design, and fabric selection to meal service, accessibility and maintenance in first-, business- and economy-class cabins.'
—International Aviation Women's Association
'In a world where jet travel has become so much more a commodity than an experience, this serves as a reminder of the way things used to be, as well as what they still can be.'
—Travel Editor, Peter Greenberg, NBC's Today Show
“Provides a commercial perspective of the aviation business in the past and present, and points to its future...”
—The Hindu
'Treasure trove...'
—Runway Girl Network
'The inside story of flying..the evolution of cabin design..lavishly illustrated..a must-read for anyone with..a love of aviation.'
—British Airways News
'Come inside the airliner with this fascinating tour of interior designs and challenges. The art of aircraft interior design, a subject often over-looked, but not in this unique book.'
'Fully illustrated in colour, and includes expert comments from over 40 aviation specialists.'
—Aircraft Interiors International
'Clay presents an eclectic and imaginative journey through a world that only a few of us get to experience..a very enjoyable look through the curtain that separates economy from luxury.'
—M2 Best Books
' fine as any first-class set up on an airline..a joy to behold.'
—Air & Business Travel News
'Short of actual architectural specifications, the book provides the reader with everything they need to know.'
—Amazon Reader
'..illustrating how cabin design and operation have changed over the past couple of decades..providing good insight into what is happening behind the scenes in interior airline design and operation..makes for fascinating reading and looking.'
—Airways Magazine
'Lavishly illustrated..Jetliner Cabins is a very useful and complete reference of work..It will also be of equal help to the professionals, giving them a historical and topical sweep, as to the interested frequent traveler.'
—Chilean News Review
'Jennifer Coutts Clay..touches in succinct tones on virtually every aspect of an airliner's interior—from aesthetics and design to technology and comfort..Finally, a must-see, must-read book that marries the world of commercial aviation with that of design.'
—SPACE Magazine
'Meticulous research..a fascinating addition to a business-travel buff's library.'
'Frequent flyers obsessed with legroom and luggage space will be fascinated...'
—Jim Gladstone, Passport Magazine
'The 'bible' on cabin design.'
—Amazon Reader
' entertaining as it is educational'
—Frequent Flyer
'Attention all you airline geeks: this one's for you.'
—J.Ward, Savvy Navigator
'..more than 6,000 gorgeous photos in its galleries, so enjoy!'
—Airways News

Jetliner Cabin: An Evolution of the Passenger's Experience.
Since my first flight when I was five years old, airplanes have fascinated me. It is always so intriguing to contemplate the evolution of the designs and the efficiency elements throughout these five decades. Civil aviation has become more democratic over the years. More people have access to this means of transport every day, previously reserved only for the elites.
Nowadays, walking inside an airplane, we can almost feel we are entering a 'flying house".
The innovations in engineering and aviation do not limit themselves to new designs, performance, or efficiency but primed by the esthetic element. This app-eBook shows an incredible volume of useful information about efficiency, Luxury (comfort), Privacy, and Flexibility.
The quality of the imagery, and the information contained here are excellent. I truly recommend it.
Christopher Buck (United States, October 13, 2020)

Cabin Fever!
this is a great history of plane cabins over the years ! fascinating, and fun.
George Darrow (United States, October 7, 2020)

Clear blue skies!
As a frequent flier, I spend a lot of time in airplanes for work. This ebook definitely goes into detail about all the various types of cabins there are and offers insight on what makes an enjoyable flying experience.
Alison (United States, September 25, 2020)

I never put thought into airline cabins and how they were actually built, so this was really cool. The photographs were my favorite part about this ebook.
Paula Butterfly (United States, September 25, 2020)

Excellent insight into the world of commercial aviation
Jennifer Clay, an airline industry insider, with a vast amount of experience in airliner interior design, has recently updated her book. This book is an amazingly interesting resource covering the past (Concorde, Eastern, Braniff, Pan Am, etc.), the present (a comprehensive survey of U.S. and international airlines), and the future (Airbus A380, Boeing B787 Dreamliner, Bombardier C-Series, and the new category of Embraer Very Light Jets). You'll read about everything from safety, seat design, and fabric selection to meal service, accessibility and maintenance in first-, business- and economy-class cabins. It also has really cool cabin layout diagrams.
Attention all you airline geeks: this one's for you. This is the perfect gift for that travel aficionado in your life.
J. Ward "Savvy Navigator" (Washington, DC US)

Something I would have never thought of without this book: how aesthetics and functionalism comes to be perfectly balanced into the commercial aviation industry. Interesting!
Megan (UK)

The 'bible' on cabin design.
Everything you can possibly want to know about cabin interiors, presented in a well designed and highly illustrated volume. Jennifer Coutts Clay provides an in-depth and comprehensive study of cabin design in civil aviation, from its beginnings to nowadays, including a cursory look at the A380, the B787 and the new Embraers. 40 experts have assisted the author with this task. It certainly shows!
Design lover (London, England)

Extremely well-illustrated and well-written reference
... Jetliner Cabins is a fascinating look at the history of interior cabins. The books 16 chapters are extremely well-researched and provide a comprehensive look at cabin interiors from the early days of flight, to current cabins such as the A380 and B787. Short of actual architectural specifications, the book provides the reader with everything they need to know.
There is a lot that goes into the cabin and the book points out all of the details. From product branding, the passenger experience, to maintenance, marketing and more. The author astutely notes that airline financial people are often myopic to the passenger experience, and will often favor a smaller seat pitch, much to the chagrin of the passenger. ... Jetliner Cabins provides a fascinating and interesting insiders look into the art and science of cabin interiors. It is a well-illustrated and well-written guide to one of the more important, yet overlooked subjects of commercial aviation. The author is clearly an expert in the field which is shown in the attention to details the book provides.
Ben Rothke (US)

The perfect companion to aviation interior design
There are surprisingly few large scale, codified books on interior design for the aviation industry. Every once in a while a book tries to bridge the gap between a coffee table, photographic essay of airplane interiors and a true guide for aviation interior design. Going even further than the previous edition in the number of chapters and photographs, Jetliner Cabins is the most up-to-date book currently available.
This updated edition contains a thorough explanation of cabin interiors, from discussions on the history of aviation and passenger experience, defining brands, new trends in design, cabin maintenance and marketing. Of special note is a subchapter on the future of commercial airliners and airplane design, including wonderful pictures of the energy efficient and sleek Boeing 787 Dreamliner, the cavernous Airbus A380-800, the multifunctional Bombardier CSeries and the scalable Embraer Jets. These planes may compete against each other on very different merits, but they thrust aviation into the next phase of flight history. It is wonderful to read and see so much about these planes.
Through well-written analysis, comparisons, diagrams, photographs, and indexes, Jetliner Cabins will delight both industrial designer and amateur enthusiast.
Robert J. Salm (Chicago, IL US)

Highly recommend.
Does what it is supposed to do. Highly recommend.

Must Have Reference Book

A must have reference book for anyone dealing with Aircraft manufacture or Airline management.
Mr. P. Covell (UK)