Get to Know the Author of Jetliner Cabins, Which Covers Aircraft Interiors from ‘A’ to ‘Suite’

This is a must-read for industry professionals, industry watchers and anyone interested in the history of aircraft interiors, its evolution and its promise. It features insights from leading experts in the field and is chock-full of wonderful pictures. The eBook is available as both an iOS app and an Android App.

A Class Above

The best way to have perspective on the very subjective topic of aircraft interiors design is to read the only authoritative book written on the subject, which features facts on the developments in onboard products from the 70s right up to today.

The author, Jennifer Coutts Clay, herself has considerable experience that puts her well above most in the field, and in each edition of this aviation classic she has brought together a team of industry experts who share additional insights into changing trends, the heated competition to present new and more advanced products, and the very challenging process of cabin design.

If you haven’t already downloaded Jennifer Coutts Clay’s Jetliner Cabins e-book, you’re missing quite a lot.

I’ve been privileged to know Jennifer for many years, dating back to the first edition of this book; while I still worked in the industry helping make aircraft chic.

Her love of aviation comes through in every chapter of Jetliner Cabins, now updated with an impressive gallery of rare images, and featuring special insight essays. I reference the app often, to refresh my memory on the many developments over the years, or to enjoy a pleasant time travel experience.

The Jetliner Cabins app works on a variety of iOS and Android devices and on the Kindle Fire.




ISBN 0-991-41011-4


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There are other images, also credited, that come from publicly available sources, for example, company sales brochures and websites.
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