A walk down the aisles of some of the world’s leading airlines over the last three decades awaits readers of a detailed study of the design of commercial aircraft interiors.

Written by former British Airways staff member and now – airline consultant Jennifer Coutts Clay. Jetliner Cabins studies the evolution of cabin design, from accommodating armchairs to the ultimate sleeper seat.

Its 192 pages cover every aspect of interior design, from materials to function and construction to mainteneance that go into keeping the customer satisfied; all lavishly illustrated.

Of course, a book like this wouldn’t be complete without including BA’s revolutionary First and Club World sleeper seats, allowing customers to work, sleep or relax in a private ‘cabin’, which set the standard for the industry.

In addition to studying everything from carpets to colour schemes, Jetliner Cabins also looks at inflight dining and even the little details such as inflight amenity kits that all combine to shape a customer’s opinon of an airline.

With a chapter on Concorde as well as a look ahead to see how we might be flying in the future, it’s a must-read for anyone with a career in – or just a love of – aviation.

Jennifer’s BA career saw her hold a variety of key posts, including controller of corporate identity, manager Scotland and manager western USA when she was the airline’s first female line manager.

She said: “Looking back I can truly say that I never had a boring day at BA – and I still miss all my wonderful colleagues!”

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Grateful acknowledgement is given to the airlines and other organizations credited in this book for permission to use their photographs.
There are other images, also credited, that come from publicly available sources, for example, company sales brochures and websites. Pictures that are displayed
without photo credits come from the Collection of J. Clay Consulting.

Jennifer Coutts Clay has asserted her right under the Copyright, Designs and Patents Act, 1988, to be identified as the author of this work.
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