Industry Veteran Encapsulates the Evolution of Commercial Aircraft Interiors Review by: Ford Chown

This book has a very “eye catching” cover with the “wrap around” cabin interior. The Publisher has provided a quality product which helps convey the message of quality inside the cabin of any commercial jetliner. The plethora of photographs included in each chapter provides excellent visual support for Jennifer Clay’s text. The writer’s style is simple and easy to understand. She adds several interesting comments, which make the reader feel like she is talking directly to you. The introductory letter to the Wright Brothers has both contemporary and historical significance because of their centenary.

Each of the 16 chapters covers a specialty area where the ideas and details are explained. In the “big picture,” this logical structure clearly demonstrates the complexity of bringing all the elements together into a living and working environment on-board a passenger transport. The detailed examples used in each chapter should be of interest to the traveling public, airline personnel and specialists in the field. It truly caters to everyone in the industry. These examples, including photographs, also cover the playing field of virtually all major commercial airlines, including some that are no longer operating. These add an historic perspective and help us to identify with the past and how the present has evolved from previous experiences.

This mixture of airline features is presented without any comparison or competition — it is strictly factual and for the benefit of our industry. Even the index is well structured and very suitable to access specific items of interest to use this book for reference data.

The liberal use of quotes from airline experts throughout the text enhances the reader’s realization that this is industry reality and not just the author’s opinions. This aspect of the book is further emphasized by the “Comments From the Specialist” section at the conclusion of each chapter; a unique and novel concept. It shows that Clay has researched well and also has a full career in aviation where she has developed a network of associates.

The most notable feature of this book is that it brings many of the airline marketing ideas, designs, and programs into one presentation. We can truly glimpse a vision of the whole industry. This revelation of marketing strategy in the past was only available from individual airline glossy brochures and passenger experience.

For those individuals who live and work in the jetliner cabin environment, this book is a must-read. It is also recommended for those considering a career in airline operations.

Aircraft Interiors




ISBN 0-991-41011-4


Grateful acknowledgement is given to the airlines and other organizations credited in this book for permission to use their photographs.
There are other images, also credited, that come from publicly available sources, for example, company sales brochures and websites.
Pictures that are displayed without photo credits come from the Collection of J. Clay Consulting.